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What is Biblical Counseling
What is Biblical Counseling?

     It is counseling that has as its goal change in the person's heart, not merely his or her behavior or feelings.  God does care about what we do and how we feel, but His Word says that the root cause of our behavior and feelings is what we think and desire in our hearts.  Biblical counseling focuses on true heart change.

     It is counseling committed to the total sufficiency of the Scriptures for the life needs of all people.  Although it does not directly address every human need and situation, the Bible does, in principle and teaching, give ways to think and act godly.

     It is counseling that will confront the errors that lead people down the wrong path of spiritual growth.  It is devoted to proclaiming and incorporating the truth of the Bible in the lives of every person who comes for counseling.

     It is counseling that provides true hope according to the Word of God.  No problem is beyond the scope of God's power to transform.  This hope is a gift of God's grace which enables a person to remain steadfast with the sure expectation of God's intervening action.  Such hope is grounded in the character of God Himself, His Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Distinctives...

     Our goal is to provide a counseling center with Biblical distinctives.  As a result, the BCC is:
Under the authority of a local church
     We believe in the accountability of all believers in their Christian life, including a place like BCC.  Therefore, all people associated with BCC are members of PCC and/or under direct accountability of its body of elders.

     We also see the church as a place to both receive and share our spiritual gifts, and encourage counselees to regularly attend a Bible-believing church.

A Faith-based service
     Unlike other services which impose a set or even a sliding scale fee, BCC is dependent completely on the contributions of counselees who give as they are able.  Usually counseling fees run somewhere between $60-$90 per session, but our services are given regardless of what a person is able to give.  Contact BCC for more information.

Our Approach...

     Our counselors are trained in the use of Scripture and will use Biblical principles to address the full range of God's truth so as to allow the peace and joy to be received that God promises to all who turn to Him.

     Basic elements of each session include:  understanding the problem (data gathering), providing hope, investigating any change needed, and working with the counselee to incorporate necessary Biblical practices into his or her life.

Our Services...

     BCC offers the following Bible-based counseling services to individuals, couples, parents and children. These services are available on a faith-based fee system:

Marriage and Family Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Personal and Interpersonal Relationships

Life Dominating Problems, including Depression, Anger, Bitterness, Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

Bereavement/Grief and Loss

Life Goals and Directions


What is Biblical Counseling?

  • Has as its goal change in the person's heart, not merely behavior or feelings.
  • Counseling committed to the total sufficiency of the Scriptures for the life needs of all people.
  • Counseling that will confront the errors that lead people down the wrong path of spiritual growth.
  • Counseling devoted to the proclaiming and incorporating of the truth of the Bible into the lives of the counselees.
  • Counseling that provides true hope according to the Word of God.
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What is Nouthetic Counseling?

  • 'Nouthetic' comes from the Greek word nouthesia, meaning "a putting in the mind; training by the Word, whether of encouragement, or, if necessary, by reproof or remonstration." Example:
    "Now I myself am confident concerning you, my brethren, that you are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish (nouthetein) one another." Romans 15:14
    Nouthetic Counseling:
  • Always implies a problem, and presupposes an obstacle that must be overcome; something is wrong in the life of the one confronted. It is to effect personality and behavioral change in God's way.
  • These problems are solved nouthetically by verbal means. It is personal conference and discussion (counseling) directed toward bringing about change in the direction of greater conformity to biblical principles and practice. Any biblically legitimate verbal means may be employed.
  • The purpose or motive behind nouthetic activity is always that the verbal correction is intended to benefit the counselee. It is confrontation not to hurt but to help.
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What is Faith-Based Counseling?

  • Counseling that does not set a monetary fee or impose a sliding scale fee for services rendered.
  • Counseling that depends on the contributions of the counselees who give as they are able.
  • Counseling that depends upon the ongoing support of those who contribute generously to the work of this ministry.
  • Counseling that is provided regardless of what a counselee is able to give.
  • Counseling that is fully dependent upon and exists only by the gracious provisions of our Faithful God and Father.


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